XTale!Papyrus is the brother of XTale!Sans, an apparent son of XGaster, and a trainee of the royal guard. XTale!Sans appreciates him, despite multiple problems with their relationship. However, he agrees that his father is a traitor and should be disposed of in favor of the X-Event. Even though Cross ends up killing everyone with his Gaster Blasters, he spares his brother from death, but he refused to clam in on him, leading to his death by Cross. Cross has sworn vengeance to get him back ever since. After being revived by XGaster, Papyrus currently holds some resentment towards Cross, having been killed by him.




He wears a black and white cape with black pants. He wears a white belt of some sort and wears and black and white battle body with pointy pauldrons. He also wears black and white fingerless gloves.


He has a huge white scythe.


He is kind and optimistic, like the original Papyrus. His features captivate everyone else, even getting to confuse XGaster.

More than a simple creation, XGaster sees him as a closer relative, as he sees in him the innocent and pure side that he lost long ago. Papyrus feels great remorse and disappointment towards Cross after having been exterminated by him in the past.


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