Muffet is one of the major character of X-Tale and side character of Underverse.


Muffet wears a hoody dress colored White/Grey That has dark violet borders. She has black hair and dark purple eyes.


Scourge: Muffet was seen to use it as her weapon.

Knives: Muffet also uses knives as weapons.


She was first seen in the X-Tale comic of it's tenth time line. She had played big role in the fourth and Tenth timeline.

Muffet works in her bakery and has her own shop. She used to love to talk and meet Frisk. It was clear after confirming the story of timeline IV that they are very close friends or more than it as Jakie mentions them meme comics. But sadly Muffet always forgets everything due to the Overwrites thanks to XGaster for his violence will of a perfect story.

Despite her innocent acts, Muffet is a very strong, powerful and quarrelsome in the fight cases.

X-Tale (Timeline 10)

Monsters and humans were living peacefully and happily in the surface thanks to the fallen human who broke the barrier and freed the monsters.

Everything was good until The X-Event used the overwrite button to bring the memories back.

Muffet made her appearance when ripping Gaster, she seemed violence and feeling no mercy totally opposite of her normal appearance.

0.3 (Underverse)

Muffet makes her small came in the flash back of Cross's memory, comparing underswap. And in a blink the flash back changes to bloody.

Timeline IV

Muffet appears in her small bakery shop gifting Frisk a cake and receives a small gift from him,A Golden Heart Locket.Frisk Asked Muffet to keep it safe,As it id more valuable than money. Everything was Fine until Gaster appears and overwrites on Frisk.

After Gaster Overwrites,Frisk attacks Muffet and then Chara. Muffet soon find outs the consequences of Frisk's sudden change thanks to Alphys and Muffet's pet who broughts a small piece of code to her receiving from Alphys. Muffet trys to hold back Frisk from attacking Chara. Yet soon another overwrite happens to the timeline.


  • Muffet is permanently diseased
  • She can make her future appearance too.
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