You're so cheeky...I would be so flattered...BUT I AM A BOY AND MINES IS BIGGER THAN YOURS!!
~ X-Tale!Chara when a bunch of characters mistake him for a girl.

XTale!Chara Adventures is a cancelled comic series by Jakei95, where X-Tale!Chara tries to live out his life in the Underverse Studios. It is not canon to the series itself. The series was cancelled on October 31, 2017, and the blog was deleted.


While on the way to work, X-Tale!Chara meets two guys who mistake him for a women. He arrives at the Underverse Studio (UVS Studios) to record two lines, and as he was waiting, he refused to drink chocolate milk; his father forces him to do so.

With the recording done, X-Tale!Chara complains to his mom that he's been spanked by their father, but he's forced to stay because of his refusal to kiss his mom. Later, another character asked for some help to find his dog, but his usage of a translator book gets him head slammed by a brick. X-Tale!Chara prepares to head back, where Underswap!Chara meets him. In a form of mockery, XGaster pretends to state that Underswap!Chara was X-Tale!Chara substitute and that X-TaleChara is being fired, but he calls his bluff.

X-Tale!Chara isn't pleased over Underswap!Chara's appearance, but they successfully got him out of the studios since the studios can't afford health insurance. The two of them, once in the train station, both have a fight over his chocolate, but he accidentally gets Underswap!Chara's bag, and they got his. He throws their bag back to them the next day, but with the image missing from his bag, he orders them to also give it back. X-Tale!Chara explains to them that the photo had his brother, X-Tale!Frisk, saying he doesn't have any form of contact information from him. They give it back to him, and he tells them that they only have to record a few things, and asks if they want to eat something.


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Chapter 1

Part Pages Release Date Link
1 1-10 April 23, 2017
2 11-20 April 23, 2017
3 21-30 April 25, 2017
4 31-40 April 30, 2017
5 41-50 April 30, 2017
6 51-60 June 17, 2017
7 61-75 June 24, 2017

Chapter 2

Part Pages Release Date Link
1 76-85 July 2, 2017
2 86-91 September 12, 2017
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