Just one world. With the best of the others.
~ XTale!Chara gives a proposition to Classic!Sans

XTale!Chara (also known as Cross!Chara when he's with Cross in his phantom form, and X-Event!Chara, or more simply XChara) is a major character in the XTALE universe and Underverse. XTale!Chara was originally a child of XGaster, and after Ink!Sans shows him the multiverse, XGaster begins his experiment with X-Tale. With each new timeline, someone related to XTale!Chara would die thanks to XGaster. After a few more timelines, XTale!Chara tried to rebel against XGaster, but he's defeated and he ends up being XGaster's experiment, the X-Event, granting him his Overwrite powers. In order to keep his neglected brother alive, however, he overwrites himself into XTale!Frisk.

Rebellious again, they attempt to seek a plot against XGaster, but their failure to formulate a plan with what they now called Cross results in XGaster escaping and Cross absorbing him up from a dying XTale!Frisk, destroying the universe in the process. For the first half of Underverse Season 1, XTale!Chara would been trapped as part of Cross's soul, but by the latter half, they are able to use Underswap!Chara's soul to grant him full control and thus power over the Overwrite button again. However, he soon lost the power to OVERWRITE in Underverse 0.4, and perished without a soul. Pitiful of his demise, XGaster revived him, and now he serves as part of a nine-set crew of the remaining XTale cast.



Originally created alongside XGaster and XTale!Frisk, XTale!Chara were greeted by a desperate Ink, who offered to show him and the others the Doodle Sphere in light of how XGaster wanted to destroy him and his other subjects. After seeing the Doodle Sphere, XGaster gains the motivation to pursue a universe greater than his, which included XTale!Chara.



The first timeline of the XTALE universe, XChara and XFrisk were given to XTale!Asgore and XTale!Toriel through adoption. XChara ended up growing alongside XTale!Asriel, whom he loved dearly along with XFrisk. However, XGaster's perfectionism shows up and in the end, the timeline is overwritten, ending any relations with what he had with XAsriel.


With XGaster's formulating what he might concur with this second timeline, XChara feels upset over the abrupt ending of the previous timeline that he does not appreciate the second time he and XFrisk are given to XAsgore and XToriel. The former notices this, and XAsgore gives XChara the strength to endure this radical change in their universe. With this bond, XChara is able to remain happy in this next timeline without the worries of XGaster, but noticing this, XGaster proceeds to murder XAsgore for his own amusement. This angers XChara, to the point where he nearly stops XGaster from overwriting, but ultimately is reluctant to stop him completely, allowing him the time to overwrite this second timeline.


With this now being the third version of XTALE, XChara is unhappy having to relive the same events without any of their loved ones knowing what they did in the past. He proceeds to call XGaster a "insecure old man", which he disregards as he overwrites this short timeline.


After XFrisk is overwritten to have his genocide code enabled, XChara wonders out looking for his brother. He would soon stumble upon XFrisk, who attacks and nearly murder him until XTale!Muffet intercepts. XMuffet gives him advice to take out XGaster, which he does when he resets the entire timeline to before XFrisk is corrupted. This angers XGaster to the point of overwriting this fourth timeline.






Once again, he appears as a "phantom", but has much more of an influence over Frisk in this timeline. He initially states how he is already sick of the new timeline and wanted to have Frisk kill everyone who gathered for Prince Asriel's ceremony. This is interrupted by Papyrus' intervention. After Alphys scolds the X-Event for running off, Chara acts aggressively and tells her to 'Go to hell'. However, after this event, he is not seen much besides a point where XGaster appears to be toying with them about every time the X-Event rebels, where he questions what he is planning.


X-Event!Chara doesn't make an appearance until during XTale!Sans' dream, which he tells him that he'll be his best friend soon.

He makes further appearances as his phantom form, telling X-Event!Frisk about his plans, and asking if he's okay after XTale!Papyrus hits his brother hard.

He reappears again when Cross enters, and again after he steals their soul. After this absorption, Cross!Chara tries to kills his new owner so that he can return to his brother, but Cross kills XTale!Frisk, ruining that chance.

After XTale/Before Underverse

Now living within Cross, Cross!Chara decides to closely examine Cross' relationship with Ink. After Error takes their soul, Cross!Chara is able to come free from Cross, and he escapes his lonely universe.


Season 1


Cross!Chara intercepts Sans' own world with his to explain that his timeline won't change when he's involved. Not liking the idea, Sans nearly kills the both of them, but explains to him why he needs to stay, before taking half of his soul, as fake mercy. Proclaiming that he'll take a break forever, he's suddenly interrupted by Ink!Sans, explaining that he'll never find happiness in someone else's timeline. He breaks into a fight with the both of them, but defeated and imprisoned. Just before they could ask him why, Cross!Chara said they needed their own universe, and leaves with his half soul.


Now back into their own universe, Cross!Chara tries to explain why they're doing this, and ask if he's scared, telling him that they would've wanted this. After absorbing the soul, Cross!Chara tells him of the other universes, and once Nightmare!Sans shows up, Cross!Chara tells Cross to negotiate a deal with him.


Now in Underfell, the two of them begin performing The X-Event, thanks to Cross!Chara's code. Once Cross is impaled by Underfell!Sans, Cross!Chara begins his assault on him, and pronounced that he's the X-Event.

When Sans starts questioning on XGaster, Cross!Chara tells him to leave the place, at which once Underfell!Sans is released from Ink, Sans throws his slipper at them as a joke. This was enough to distract the both of them for Underfell!Sans to be freed from his control and starts to severely harm Cross (not knowing that he was also harming Sans himself) and Cross!Chara helps Cross escape Underfell!Sans's Gaster Blaster attack.


Though with the Underfell Snowdin in their grasps, Cross!Chara isn't satisfied over Cross' inability to get a human soul for him. By convincing him to sleep, he takes control of Cross, but doesn't get any further, as Cross impales his left eye to knock Cross!Chara out. Once Cross himself is knocked out, and Sans' soul is taken back however, it leaves a potential spot that Cross!Chara used to get 95% of Underswap!Chara's soul, bringing him back to his normal form.

With this, X-Event!Chara also has the ability to overwrite at his will. He overwrites the Underswap crew to kill themselves, then transform Underswap!Sans & Underswap!Papyrus into amalgamates that goes against Ink after he's denied from taking his white vial. Once the Underswap crew is reverted to normal, Underswap!Sans goes at war against X-Event!Chara, but he immediately stops to talk with "Cross". Nightmare is bored of this, and allows X-Event!Chara to kill someone.

On the verge of this, X-Event!Chara forces Underswap!Sans to kill him, which would also kill Underswap!Chara. Underswap!Papyrus stops this and accepts his death by X-Event!Chara, and would've died had not Sans took X-Event!Chara's hit, which turned out to target his ketchup bottle. He explains to Sans that his world isn't what it was meant to be, and tells him to kill Ink, but despite this, Nightmare had enough, and after stabbing Underswap!Chara, X-Event!Chara leaves and tells him to "spend his last moments".

Xtra Scene 2

His pre-0.3 self can be seen in Undernovela in Error's dream. Cross!Chara refuses to take Undernovela!Frisk's soul, being that they have a mustache, which they don't find very polite. Cross complains about this, citing that if he doesn't take his offer, he'll take a monster soul instead to shut him up. Their continued arguing is what allows Asgoro and Sans to enter in to demand Undernovela!Frisk back.


To Be Added...


In his standard form, he wears a black undercover, a white T-shirt, black shorts, white boots, and a white cape at his back. Like all the other XTale, he also wears a gold heart locket. His eyes in The Truce were originally normal, but due to the experiments performed by XGaster, both of his scleras are completely black, with his right pupil being red and irregular, and has a scar on it. When he's corrupting code, his left eye also become irregular, with the colors being purple instead.

While in his phantom form or his soulless form, he wears a white jacket instead of his T-shirt. in this form, he is not wearing his heart locket nor cape.


As a phantom, he can influence the person who's hosting his soul to do whatever he wants, and if they refuse to, he’ll take over their body. Once he has a human soul inside him, he can, and only then, can he OVERWRITE, with half of X Gaster’s soul he is able to completely change the reality of a timeline, an example being able to turn UnderSwap Papyrus and Sans into amalgamates. He's a very skilled combatant because of his training with Undyne, having good fighting skills and being able to create weapons of determination even without having the OVERWRITE soul to create weapons for him.


Before XGaster started OVERWRITING the timelines, XTale!Chara was very happy and peaceful but as XGaster started meddling with XTale!Chara and his loved ones lives he became more and more aggressive until he rebelled against him. During Timeline VI he’s shown to kill a brainwashed XTale!Asgore showing a loss of morals.

Once XGaster forcibly takes half of his determination and corrupts him with half of his OVERWRITE soul, X-Event!Chara has become much more sadistic, even killing his own brother several times in Timeline VII. However he still loves his brother convincing XGaster to let him revive XTale!Frisk. Ever since he OVERWRITTEN himself into XTale!Frisk and became the new X-Event he played the role a master puppeteer manipulating others for his own gain. He influenced XTale!Event Frisk to try to kill XGaster, and when Cross killed him, he tried to manipulate him into getting him a human soul. Once he got a human soul and was able to OVERWRITE again, he was extremely sadistic taking pleasure of forcing UnderSwap Papyrus to attach himself and UnderSwap Chara, and then to stab his own brother. However, Nightmare!Sans later berated him on holding back his full powers, saying that he still had a pure heart and had mercy.



  • Chara is Prototype 1.
  • Prototype 2 is Chara's and Frisk's combined body and mind.
  • Chara is known as the X-Event, Not Frisk.
  • Similar to other Chara‘s, he is shown to have an interest in chocolate.
  • He shares the same weapon as Cross during Underverse Season 1.
  • His theme is one of the many theme songs that made it last place, according to the video “XTALE FRISK AND CHARA’S SHOW 2” by Jakei.

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