~ XAlphys remarks over the X-Event's mission to gain control over their universe

XTALE X is the eleventh and final episode of the XTALE series. It is concurrent with the XTALE comic. With the previous timeline being reset by the X-Event itself, the tenth timeline highlights events that would mark the end of the XTALE universe.


For more information about timeline ten, see XTALE (comic).

After Frisk and Asriel are greeted by Sans and Papyrus, the four of them agree to play with their toys, to where the three monsters note how shy Frisk is being. In one incident, Frisk is stranding on top of a lone tree branch, to where XGaster demands Sans to pull him down with blue magic. However, this action causes XGaster to have some kind of vision, and he stops Sans from using his magic, causing Frisk to fall down with his arm injured.

Years later, Frisk breaks the barrier between monsters and humans, but not before being manipulated by XGaster once more. Much of the monsters expresses joy and happiness over the shattering of the barrier, but they also start to notice Frisk's inability to age. Still fighting for their freedom and to the convincing of Chara, they use the overwrite button on humans to forcefully kill themselves so that they could force XGaster to give up his overwrite soul to them. Undyne tries to salvage this nonsense, but she's beaten up badily, forcing XGaster to save her and Frisk. XGaster demands Asgore to start the royal guard program in order to keep Frisk alive for his experiment. The "attack" also forced Sans and Papyrus to join the royal guard themselves, despite the former initially being disregarded by XGaster and Alphys due to the arm injury incident.

Ten years later, Sans is told to deliver Frisk home on the basis that he'll receive his new royal guard outfit. Sans takes Frisk out for some ice cream, where the latter expresses signs of distaste over how nothing has changed within their universe and how he has to be placed under surveillance by a royal guard. Sans responds by telling him despite his boring job, he gets to hang out with Frisk, whom he regards as his best friend. This gets the attention of Chara, who decides to use the overwrite button on him to forcefully kill them.

Meanwhile, XGaster suddenly dreams about his death and recognizes a missing individual during his dream. Later, Alphys gives an analysis to XGaster in that one of the royal guard had been overwritten slightly. Realizing that it's Sans and in spite of his lack of his overwrite soul, XGaster feels compelled to examine the relationship between Sans and the X-Event. During a ceremony to promote peace between humans and monsters, XGaster is forced to block out Sans' Blaster attack, and seeing how dirty the X-Event wants to play, XGaster performs a reset, which works against him as he struggles to keep himself together with only determination on his side.

In the midst of attempting to recover from the reset, Alphys tries to write down how she does not agree with her master calling the X-Event a thing, and not humans, and pleading to Frisk and Chara to stop what they're doing in light of how they do not know what XGaster has in store. Both entries end up redacted in fear of her master finding out.

Meanwhile Sans and Frisk end up in a skirmish, but thanks to the overwrite button, results in a one-sided victory for Frisk. While the X-Event is discussing how they'll nickname him "Cross" in the next timeline, Sans feels regretful to have called the X-Event his friend for forcing him and the other to live in the depths of pain for their own amusement. XGaster intervenes once more, resetting the timeline in front of Frisk while Chara realizes that XGaster lacks his overwriting power. The two discuss this after the reset and they plot out to overwrite in order to bring back their friend's memories of the nine previous timelines so they could finally finish XGaster off.

Alphys is worried over her master's condition now that the overwrite had overshadowed the previous reset, but XGaster tells her that he has not given up, and that he's wide aware that someone is now attempting to stop the X-Event from using his creations as weapons, and the fact that none of his creations know anything of the future he's willing to wait for. He realizes that his dream was a reality, that everyone had gathered up to kill him, and that the missing individual, Cross, was there to bring forward his desired outcome. Once Cross manages to become the X-Event himself, XGaster is enlighten to be still alive, now within the Doodle Sphere itself, and he swears to watch over Cross as he and X-Event!Chara help to bring him to his destiny.


Name Composer Release Date Link
Childhood Anew NyxTheShield April 1, 2020
Fallen NyxTheShield April 1, 2020
Broken Boundaries NyxTheShield April 1, 2020
Famous NyxTheShield April 1, 2020
Coward NyxTheShield April 1, 2020
Demonic Presence NyxTheShield April 1, 2020
Battered Hero NyxTheShield April 6, 2020
Gateway to a Happier Place NyxTheShield April 6, 2020
Monotony NyxTheShield April 6, 2020
Dream Presage NyxTheShield April 19, 2020
Forced Recall NyxTheShield April 19, 2020
Fulfilled Presage NyxTheShield April 19, 2020
Document and Record NyxTheShield April 19, 2020
Like Them NyxTheShield April 19, 2020
Friendly Foe NyxTheShield April 21, 2020
Deep Realization NyxTheShield April 21, 2020
Repair NyxTheShield April 21, 2020
Everlasting Flowers NyxTheShield April 21, 2020
Extinguish NyxTheShield April 21, 2020
Twisted Spectacle NyxTheShield April 21, 2020
Crossed Souls NyxTheShield April 21, 2020


  • XTALE X is more into the perspective of XGaster, while the comic is more into Cross' perspective
  • There are actually quite a few cut scenes from the episode, shown in this twitter thread.

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