~ XGaster in one of his entries

XTALE VIII is the ninth episode of XTALE, following the course of Timeline VIII of XTALE. Frisk is taught how to use the Overwrite button, and makes his first creation.


XGaster starts the timeline by introducing how to use the Overwrite button to Frisk. He states that that was Frisk's first lesson, and instructs Frisk to create something while he is away. Frisk asks where he's going, while XGaster brushes it off, just saying that Alphys will help Frisk if he needs something. Soon after, Chara mentions to Frisk that they and XGaster just needed to understand each other to get along, and now that they're finally happy, they have to do their best to make him proud.

Frisk uses the Overwrite button to make his first creation, Mettaton. He is incomplete at first, having neither arms nor legs, while Frisk just explains that he doesn't know how to make those and will be helped by Alphys. Frisk asks Mettaton to help make a first good impression on XGaster to prove that their creations are perfect the way they are, while Mettaton just tries to chew on everything around him. Not long after, Frisk finishes Mettaton, and gives him the heart locket of the timeline.

XGaster returns to XTale, and is greeted by the X-Event and its creation. Frisk introduces Mettaton, explaining what he does and how he created him, as well as showing off his laser sword. Frisk explains that Mettaton is his friend, and also his guardian since it sounds cool. XGaster then orders Frisk to destroy Mettaton, claiming that this is his second lesson: evolution requires sacrifice. Frisk screams out that he's tired of it always ending up this way, and Mettaton jumps forward and cuts XGaster's arm off with his sword. Alphys immediately summons a melted version of Undyne to shut Mettaton down, and XGaster comments on how the X-Event tried to rebel against him in his next entry. He looks at his hand, and sees a brief glimpse of what's to come.


Name Composer Release Date Link
Genesis NyxTheShield September 10, 2019
Mtt.OS NyxTheShield September 10, 2019
Dismantle NyxTheShield September 10, 2019
Foreboding NyxTheShield September 10, 2019

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