YOU want him back too.
~ Chara convincing XGaster to keep Frisk

XTALE VII is the eighth episode of XTALE. It follows the course of Timeline VII of XTALE, following the creation of the X-Event.


XGaster starts the timeline by testing out his new power, the ability to RESET, but finds it boring. However, he is still satisfied being able to have a powerful fragment of determination within his soul. Meanwhile, Chara has fun playing with his new powers, namely the ability to OVERWRITE. In the process, he ends up killing his own brother multiple times. Frisk's soul lost its trait as a result of seeing what Chara has turned into, and XGaster has Alphys store Frisk's now gray soul into the data of the timeline. Soon after, XGaster notices a tear in his eye, coming from his shared soul with Chara. Chara wishes for Frisk to come back, while XGaster denies him, deeming Frisk irrelevant for this world and explains that he could create a new human partner. Chara reiterates that he doesn't want another human partner, and attempts to reset. XGaster stops him, claiming that without his determination, he is useless and will just turn his back on Chara. However, Chara argues that XGaster wants him back too, while XGaster notes his surprise at the fact they can share their thoughts as well. Chara overwrites himself into Frisk, creating a body under Frisk's control but with Chara's soul: the new X-Event.


Name Composer Release Date Link
Timeline VII NyxTheShield August 4, 2019

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