~ XGaster in his entry for the timeline

XTALE VI is the seventh episode of XTALE. It follows the course of the sixth timeline of XTALE, which is the direct aftermath of the fifth timeline.


Between this timeline and the previous, Undyne has already been killed and Chara almost defeated. Chara continues to fight back against XGaster, Alphys, and the amalgamated versions of his friends, but runs out of energy. The melted Asgore grabs Chara and brings him up to XGaster. He then uses his spike hands to drain half of the determination of Chara's soul and swap it with half of his own soul. Frisk is only able to watch from the outside, unable to help Chara, as XGaster gains the ability to live past death and Chara the ability to Overwrite. This is the beginning of the X-Event experiment.


Name Composer Release Date Link
Timeline VI NyxTheShield July 8, 2019

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