~ XGaster showing his frustration towards the positive mood of the timeline in one of his entries

XTALE II is the third episode of XTALE. It follows the aftermath of the first timeline of XTALE, as well as the events taking place over the course of the second timeline.


Ink returns to XTale to check up on how XGaster is doing, and notices that the universe has been altered in some way. He questions if it was a RESET, and is soon shown that it was actually an OVERWRITE. XGaster compares it to a "game" for them to play, and Ink agrees after being convinced it wouldn't break the truce he made with Error.

The second timeline goes very similarly to the first, with Frisk and Chara being adopted by the Dreemurr family and growing up over the course of the timeline. Chara and Frisk remembered the previous timeline, and as a result, Chara did not believe they would ever be able to live a regular life, while Frisk tries to live as normally as he can in the timeline. Asgore eventually notices Chara's sadness, and encourages him to look forward and not to let whatever happened to him happen again or hold him down. This cheers Chara up, and Asgore is given the heart locket.

Much later in the future, Frisk has a conversation with Sans, contemplating the irony that someone with a lack of empathy, XGaster, could create someone much kinder than himself. Frisk explains that he and Chara remember the previous timeline because they weren't originally created by XGaster. XGaster watches over this timeline, and is not satisfied with how happy the atmosphere is. He decides to kill Asgore and Sans, to improve his story. This only angers Frisk and Chara, and the two confront him. XGaster insists that he must Overwrite for them to see their family again, and so, the two reluctantly let him.


Name Composer Release Date Link
Timeline II NyxTheShield November 16, 2018

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