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XTALE is the alternate universe featured in the self-titled video and comic series and Underverse. The characters have been shown to be monochromatic, including the world they live in, with only sparse amount of yellow among the inhabitants. XTALE is mostly an AU composed of failed attempts to create a perfect ending, as shown with XGaster's entries regarding his experiment. This would lead to his children revolting against him, and both of them failed to stop him.

Merging the two into one being, they became The X-Event, but their newly acquired Overwrite powers gave their idea of going against XGaster, but Cross's absorption caused the universe to become entirely nothing. To this day, XTALE had remained vacant, when Cross signed a deal with Nightmare!Sans that would grant him access to take anything from all AUs alike if he displayed acts of negative feelings to other universes. Until XGaster had undone Cross' work and the universe had appeared to crumble in the aftermath of Error!Sans' destruction of the Doodle Sphere, Underfell's Snowdin and most of the Underswap characters were taken.


After the war between both Error!Sans and Ink!Sans ended with an agreement, Ink notices a specific AU named X-Tale, and enters to find its creator, XGaster. The two become loyal friends, after Ink shows him the massive Doodle Sphere. XGaster had plans to create a perfect timeline with his children with the knowledge he gained from those AUs. Unfortunately, none of them took off as he hoped it would, and his continued fiddling with the loved ones of XTale!Frisk and XTale!Chara is what lead the latter to war against him.

XTale!Chara ends up losing, and XGaster begins his so-called X-Event experiment on XTale!Chara. In the result of his, he too had the power to overwrite. In order to save his brother from being removed, X-Event!Chara merged with his brother into one. Although with this power they're able to control anyone under their own will, XGaster sought to hide his overwrite soul away to Ink and maniuplate them harshly. This works, though XGaster suffers from the inherit determination that he has in his soul. The X-Event would never find out about his situation until after XGaster performs a RESET in front of them. While this offered a sign of hope, their failure to get Cross on their side results in Cross becoming greedy for rights of the overwrite powers inside the X-Event, and he suceeds, killing the universe and XTale!Frisk in the process. This leaves the two remaining inhabitants, Cross and Cross!Chara, in their empty universe without any chance of overwriting.

The two remained alone until Ink returned to find the AU in total devastation. While he managed to keep Cross from being manipulated from Cross!Chara, Error stole their soul and both were now fighting for control again. They soon intercept their AU with that of Sans's own, and demanded that they stayed in their universe. When they refused, they took half of his soul, and went back to their universe just to absorb it. Cross ends up having another rage mode, leading to Nightmare entering his AU and guaranteed a deal that will allow him to travel though every AU, only if he's able to harm one's mental will.

After Cross successfully takes Underfell's Snowdin, Fresh arrives to throw a party for him, but he later refused. Sans, Underfell!Sans, and most of the Underswap character would later end up in X-Tale, and once Underswap!Papyrus starts displaying positive feelings, Dream!Sans was able to get Sans and Underfell!Sans out of the AU. Error would later come to the AU once again to find out what Cross and X-Event!Chara did, which lead to him breaking the truce they made with Ink.


While most of XTALE is black and white, there are a few spots of color, such as certain flowers, blood, the Overwrite and Reset button, many attacks made from XTale!Frisk, XTale!Asgore's flame, and blue aura from Cross. Outsiders, like Ink, are displayed in full color.

XTALE acts as a typical pacifist timeline, with the exception is that XTale!Frisk breaks down the barrier without any souls, and XTale!Asriel is seemly alive. Most of the residents are really against monster kind, even to the point of attackin XTale!Frisk; this can mostly be blamed on XGaster, who wants XTale!Papyrus and Cross to become royal guards as a way to make a perfect ending. He even wants everything to go as normally. During a ceremony, Cross nearly killed XTale!Frisk, but due to XGaster's intervention, he stopped him from attacking them. When Cross confessed everything to his brother, XGaster restarted the timeline back to the ceremony, giving some suspicion to Cross.

The corruption of XTALE erased everything but Cross. Before the hunt for materials on every AU, XTALE is shown to be a gradient of yellow to white, displaying nothing in sight. The AU is also heavily unguarded and easy to enter, as shown with Ink, Error, Nightmare, Dream, and Fresh. X-Event!Chara can also send characters to this AU as well, such as when he threw Sans and Underfell!Sans out of Underswap just to deal with Underswap!Papyrus, Underswap!Sans, Underswap!Chara and Ink alone with Nightmare.



See XGaster

The creator and owner of XTALE. He seeks to build a perfect universe among the entire Doodle Sphere.


The loyal assistant to XGaster, her current form is the result of being overwritten to results in a more stoic Alphys.


Code I of XGaster's creation, he is highly regarded by XGaster due to his ability to transform into his exterminator form (or Flowey X).


Code II of XGaster's creation, he was made to be less kind and more remorseful.


Code III of XGaster's creation, she urges on to the memory of her loved ones knowing of their fate in the original universe.


Code IV of XGaster's creation, she was the first to convince Chara to strike back, and now serves to act as a killing machine for XGaster.


Code V of XGaster's creation, she was the first creation to try to attack XGaster, her creator, yet now is XGaster's personal bodyguard without any sense of justice.


Code VI, he, alongside Frisk and XGaster were created along with their own universe. Due to the X-Event project, he has now lost any sense of justice himself, now serving to hurt others for XGaster's satisfaction.


Code VII, Frisk is one of two individual that were created in their universe, alongside XGaster and Chara. Losing the will to live thanks to fear and distrust, he became the vessel for the X-Event, where he seeks to escape the travesties of XGaster.


Code VIII, he was the creation of the X-Event from discarded data that XGaster has left. The qualifications that the X-Event had made for Mettaon has gotten the attention of XGaster, now serving as the embodiment for his perfect world.


Code IX of both XGaster's and the X-Event's creation, he is extremely distraught over the events of the tenth timeline when he was murdered by Cross.


See Cross

Code X of both XGaster's and the X-Event's creation, he attempted to gain control over the overwrite button with no avail, and had to figure out his own idea on how to restore his universe.


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