...Is this a game for you...?
~ X-Tale!Frisk explain to Cross what's happening.

X-Tale!Frisk (also known as X-Event!Frisk) is the primary antagonist of the X-Tale comic, and is semi-responsible for the destruction of X-Tale universe. X-Tale!Frisk, like X-Tale!Chara, used to live his life normally, but after XGaster begins his experiment on the universe, he and Chara revolt, but are destroyed in their battle. XGaster kept X-Tale!Chara within X-Tale!Frisk, and seldomly gives them his OVERWRITE power.

Thanks to this, X-Tale!Frisk secretly begins sabotaging the timeline, such as forcing Cross to kill him. Later, he gathered everyone up to stop XGaster for once. His plan fails, and he's killed by Cross himself. X-Event!Frisk pleads him to stop, but Cross absorbs their soul, ending his own life, and submerging The X-Event within Cross.


The Truce

A child of XGaster, X-Event!Frisk got his brother, X-Tale!Chara to run away from the recently emerged Ink!Sans. He rushes to get to him, Chara, and their creator. After their meeting, he and Chara plays around with Ink while he tries to keep XGaster afloat. He is eventually shown the Doodle Sphere, and with this presentation, XGaster begins his complete experiment on X-Tale.

Between The Truce and X-Tale

With each new timeline, X-Tale!Frisk would lose a relative or a friend of theirs. During timeline four, either he or Chara were forced to commit genocide, and this was enough to get the two of them to go against XGaster. To their unfortunate situation, X-Tale!Frisk is defeated along with his brother, and Chara ends up as a part of X-Tale!Frisk. The situation would go out of hand, and XGaster creates the X-Event from the merged pairs.




When Cross!Chara reminds what his plan is for to Cross, X-Tale!Frisk appears in Cross's flashback.


X-Tale!Frisk makes a slight cameo in this episode; being that his code is identical to Underswap!Chara, he appears when Ink reminds Cross that the coding was very familiar to his AU, and again briefly after his brother tells Underswap!Sans, Underswap!Papyrus, and Underswap!Chara to not worry if they're accidentally killed.


X-Tale!Frisk is known to be made of a mostly black and white color pallet, exception being his necklace and eyes. He has short grey hair, he wears a white (during the Underverse scene, it appears to be a light grey) ribbon like scarf that has a bow on the back of his neck, plus a plain and simple white t-shirt in front of a black long sleeve shirt. Around his neck is a heart locket necklace like most other X-Tale characters. He wears black shorts that are knee length, and dons white boots as his shoewear. Towards the end of X-Tale, his eyes are revealed to be similar to that of XGaster's, red on right and purple on left.


During the comic X-Tale it reveals that X-Tale!Frisk does have the power to Overwrite. When speaking to X-Tale!Sans about what was happening, he summons the Overwrite Button. He is known to only possess half of XGaster's soul, shared by X-Event!Chara. Thanks to XGaster's weakening soul, this enables them to use the full potential of OVERWRITE. With half a soul, he is also able to change many outcomes in a timeline without a reset. X-Event!Frisk also process the ability to summon knifes, and most likely other weapons to use at his disposal.


X-Tale!Frisk is first seen as many other versions of Frisk: quiet, shy like, loves monsters, and nice; characteristics of a true pacifist. This shifts after X-Tale!Sans is utterly forced to do commands that he wouldn't, say for example his dignity to kill X-Tale!Frisk. He reveals his true self: a vengeful, destructive, willing to risk lives to get what they want, and often thinks what is best for the monsters. However he does care for Cross even though Cross chooses to not side with him, as he was crying when X-Tale!Papyrus hit him hard and when he was dying, he gave Cross his necklace which was meant for their best friends. He is also shown to care for the other monsters in his timeline.