Alphys is on of the major character of X-Tale and underverse.


Alphys wears a white coat and a dark suit. She was seen to wear a white dress with purple ladybug spot dress on her date.

Her iris are black and white sclera but when she is under controled by Gaster her sclera turns black and iris to light violet and crosse.

Underverse-Alphys(under controled)

Alphys(under control)


she can copy or steal other universe's/timeline codes.


Alphys made her first appearance in the underverse series.

She is Gaster's assistant. She is created with the only purpose to compile all the data generated during the Timelines, as well as keep XGaster’s personal notes during and after the X-Event development. Despite her working and always seem to be XGaster's side, she never wanted to happen about what XGaster had always done to her home and family. Always in the behind of XGaster she tried to stop him indirectly by many different ways, eventually she was murdered and then overwritten as loyal and emotionless assistant by XGaster.

XGaster had all his trust on her until he discovered she was part of Chara’s rebellion in the 4th Timeline. She is still able to think for herself, but she doesn’t want to get involved in trouble anymore and just obey her creator. She can also be used by XGaster as a puppet, giving him the ability to see through her eyes.


Alphys makes her came when Gaster orders her to collect the remaining code of underfell.

She lefts a sheet and it starts absorbing the codes into it and ends with the mark of "X".

Timeline I

At the end of the episode Alphys was seen with Gaster, gesturing that the "work" is done.

Timeline II

Alphys was first seen with everyone having fun and with Undyne then she was seen behind of Gaster, terrified and chained mouth because of his violent atrocity.

Timeline IV

Alphys was seen standing beside with Gaster, overwriting Frisk. At the end Alphys was seen walking along with Gaster, leaving Frisk attacking Chara, Alphys looked behind, holding all the documents and on of them was partly stretched out and delivered to Muffet indirectly. Well soon Alphys would be caught up by him.

Timeline V

Alphys appeared wearing a purple dress with white dots, holding a gift and waiting. She was inclosed by Frisk and Chara, black mailed her for what she and he has done to them. It was confirmed after her response to them that Alphys was never happy cause of what happened and always helped them indirectly.

Alphys was terrified after telling them and thinking about what can happen to her of Gaster get to know of her betrayal. Then in a flash Gaster was seen angry to her, then erased the piece of code that was handled behind of him.

At the end of the episode she was seen dangling, bloody and murdered by Gaster. Soon she gets undercontrolled by Gaster.



  • Alphys is Gaster's assistant.
  • She can put any Universe or individual under quarantine and use them at will.
  • All the information XGaster gives her is saved in the shape of paper sheets. These papers have the same mechanic as the LOAD/SAVE from the Original Universe. She’s the only one besides XGaster who can use these options after using the Overwrite button.
  • She used to also forget about past timelines and memories cause of overwrites but her documents helps her to recognise them again and again.
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