"FRIST? Quien es FRIST?"

--Asgoro mispronouncing Undernovela!Frisk's name.

Underverse Stupid Short #2 is a Underverse blooper short. The voice actors in Underverse Xtra Scene 2 have their bloopers featured in these animations.


  • Undernovela!Alphys attempts to call out Undyna, and then repetitively declared her name.
  • Undyna is unable to get out her line about Sins being Asgoro's rival.
  • Asgoro mispronounces Undernovela!Frisk's name as FRIST.
  • Sins's line is plagued by his tongue causing his lines to always end in "sh".
  • Undernovela!Dogaressa can't speak Spanish.
  • Papiro introduces himself as the "Gran Papiro".
  • Undernovela!Frisk becomes an annoyance to X-Tale!Chara.
  • Sins is interrupted when XGaster accidentally gets in the background, and once he's off, Sins tries to say his line, but in the wrong expression.
  • Undernovela!Frisk now knows what they're supposed to say, and is excited in front of Cross.


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