For the 1st season of Underverse, see Underverse Season 1.
Welcome to our future new home, my children. The main universe.
~ XGaster to presumably XFrisk and XChara

Underverse Season 2 is the second season of Underverse, created by Jakei95. It takes place immediately after Underverse Season 1. Sans is finally back home, but it couldn't have been at a worse time. With the rest of the multiverse destroyed, XGaster plans an invasion on the main universe with the rest of the XTale cast in search of a perfect world. The first episode will release in 2020.





Image Characters Summary
UnderverseFrisk.jpg Frisk The main protagonist of Season 2, who intends to defend their universe from XGaster.
UnderverseSans.jpg Sans The unwilling owner of his world, Sans traveled through multiple AUs before he witnessed the destruction of the rest of the multiverse. He has been sent back to his own world, but he's not out of the fight just yet.
XGasterUnderverse.png XGaster The owner of XTale, XGaster was responsible for the suffering of everyone within. Now with a new goal in mind, inspired by his experiment, he plans to invade the main universe.
InkSansSE2.jpg Ink!Sans With his true motives revealed, he has nothing to hide anymore. It appears he may be helping XGaster invade Undertale.
CrossNormal.jpg Cross Cross is the anti-hero of Underverse, conflicted in most of his actions. Cross is currently with Dream and CORE!Frisk in the Omega Timeline.
XCharaAdult.jpg XChara XChara has been revived by XGaster to assist in invading the main universe, however it seems his true intentions are to help Frisk defend it from XGaster.


Image Characters Summary
ErrorSansSE2.png Error!Sans Error just finished up breaking the truce that he made with Ink by destroying the AUs. Currently he is wrapped up in the Anti-Void.
DreamSansOriginal.jpg Dream!Sans Dream is currently in the Omega Timeline with Cross and CORE!Frisk, injured by his recent fight with Nightmare and Killer.
NightmareSansUnderverse.png Nightmare!Sans As the brother and opposite of Dream!Sans, Nightmare's goal is to spread negative feelings through the multiverse. He was last seen in the Doodle Sphere, attempting to kill Dream.
Безончик.png Killer!Sans Nightmare's subordinate, pulled from his respective timeline to aid Nightmare's plans. His role is currently unknown.

XTale Cast

Image Characters Summary
XAlphysSE2.jpg XAlphys Created with the only purpose to compile all the data generated during the Timelines, as well as keep XGaster’s personal notes during and after the X-Event development. XGaster had all his trust on her until he discovered she was part of Chara’s rebellion in the 4th Timeline. Alphys was overwritten into a loyal and emotionless assistant. She is still able to think for herself, but she doesn’t want to get involved in trouble anymore and only focuses on obeying her creator.
XAsrielSE2.png XAsriel He was always destined to grow up alongside his two human brothers and maintain peace between humans and monsters in the world created by XGaster. He never became Flowey. However, he can transform into his Exterminator version (Flowey X) with the Overwrite button. Asriel is XGaster’s favorite “weapon”.
XAsgoreSE2.png XAsgore XGaster never liked this creation, who always maintained the qualities of a kind man despite his miserable and lonely life, like in the other Universes. Now he’s only a being full of remorse and rage aware of the reality of the Multiverse.
XTorielSE2.png XToriel She is aware of all the events that occurred in her Universe, the true fate for her son Asriel and her relationship with Asgore in the Original Universe. In her mind, she only keeps the memory of her loved ones smiling in a peaceful and happy world before everything went out of control. That’s why she refuses to open her eyes, fearful of forgetting that image and facing reality.
XMuffetSE2.png XMuffet Muffet was the first one to encourage Chara to rebel against XGaster. After the events of the 10th timeline, she was overwritten into a killing machine. She can create illusions with her poison and stopping time.
XUndyneSE2.png XUndyne She was the first creation who attacked her own creator. Now she’s his personal bodyguard along with Papyrus. All her happy memories with Alphys are fake. But deep inside her soul, she still has feelings for her. She doesn’t believe in justice anymore.
XFriskSE2.png XFrisk He does not have his original soul anymore, and seems to be under XGaster's complete control.
XMettatonSE2.png XMettaton When the X-Event initiated its training, it decided to use this resource and make him a robot with many qualities, the most outstanding being an unstoppable Royal Guard, an idea that gets XGaster’s attention and giving origin to the final concept for his perfect story. Mettaton has an insatiable appetite and always eats anything in his way. His favorite food is souls, both humans, and monsters'.
XPapyrusSE2.png XPapyrus His kindness and optimism captivate everyone else, even getting to confuse XGaster. More than a simple creation, XGaster sees him as a closer relative, as he sees in him the innocent and pure side that he lost long ago. Papyrus feels great remorse and disappointment towards Cross after having been exterminated by him in the past.

Future Characters

Image Characters Summary
GenoSE2.gif Geno Geno comes from the Alternate Timeline Aftertale. Living with only a ninth of his soul in the Save Screen, he's barely holding on. He may have some kind of a connection to Error...
FatalError.jpg Fatal_Error His role is currently-[A fatal error has occurred]
FreshInk.jpg Fresh!Ink Some kind of fusion between Ink and Fresh. His role is currently unknown.
EpicSansSE2.png Epic!Sans His role is currently unknown. Bruh.
XTaleUnknown.jpg ??? An unknown character shown at the end of the XTale movie, who has some kind of relation to XGaster.


Video Episode
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  • The main reason there was such a large gap between Season 1 and Season 2 was because Jakei wanted to take a break from animating long episodes. She decided to work on the XTale miniseries, which ended up becoming a lot longer than she anticipated, leading to the two-year-long break

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