So you can see if your stupid human will be able to keep you happy in a shattered matter how many resets they try...
~ Cross telling Underfell!Sans the consequences of a shattered Underfell

Underverse 0.2 is the third episode of Underverse, and was the first to be entirely animation. With their high hopes at getting Cross, Ink!Sans and Classic!Sans both stumble upon Underfell, an alternate universe where everyone wants to kill, despite being in a pacifist timeline. Cross begins the so-called X-Event, and when he's stopped by Underfell!Sans, he's forced to battle out with him to get him out of the way. Once Ink and Sans arrive though, the fight gets even messier.

This was the first episode to feature music from Stereohead Studios. Up until then, the music has either been from Aaron Krogh's RPG Music & Loops album, or from the Undertale OST itself, with the only exception being Nihilist by RichaadEB. The revamped version, which includes Strelok's sound, was released on March 13, 2018.


After landing in the Underfell AU, Ink and Sans begins their search for Cross, thanks to a buildup of red marks. As Cross continues marking the snow with his blade, Underfell!Sans intervenes, and despite telling him that his world is his now, Underfell!Sans refuses to accept Cross' deal, and challenges him. Even though Underfell!Sans had the advantage, he was ultimately defeated by Cross once Cross!Chara took control.

When Ink and Sans arrive at the scene, Cross immediately stabs Underfell!Sans in order to control him for the battle against them. However, the two were able to get Underfell!Sans tied up as Sans talks with Cross over what he saw, which shocks Cross by surprise. He soon uses his special attack on Cross: his slipper; which gave enough time for Underfell!Sans to free himself from Cross' control and before he's able to kill him, he flees.

As Underfell!Sans realizes the damage Cross has done, Ink is captured out of sight, and after Sans teleports out for a break, Underfell!Sans decides to follow his other self after a rude awakening with Underfell!Papyrus.


Name Composer Release Date Link
Welcome to Underfell Stereohead Studios August 22, 2016
Snowdin Down Stereohead Studios August 22, 2016
Cross and Fell Stereohead Studios August 22, 2016
Song That Might Play When You Fight Cross Stereohead Studios August 22, 2016
The X-Event Stereohead Studios August 22, 2016
This World Reborn Stereohead Studios August 22, 2016

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