The Season 1 opening of Underverse aired with the revamped version of Underverse 0.0 on February 8, 2018, and was released separately on Underverse's official anniversary on March 23, 2018. The animation features Cross laying his Hack Knife before images of XGaster, X-Event!Chara and X-Event!Frisk, himself, and events from Underverse flashes in before the official credit sequence starts in the following sequence: Undertale; Underfell; Underswap; Outertale; Ink and Fresh; Error!Sans; Dream!Sans, Core!Frisk, and Nightmare!Sans; and X-Tale, with Cross, X-Event!Chara, and X-Event!Frisk looking over the horizon with the deceased X-Tale characters.

The animation is set to the music "Tangled" by NyxTheShield, and features sound effects by Strelok.


  • If you able to pause before the Undertale card switches over to Underfell, the Undertale card changes with a smiling Frisk along with X's on every monster.

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