~ Error offering the idea of a truce to Ink

Truce is the prologue of Underverse Season 1. It originally served as a replacement for the deleted Truce comic, and was eventually made into the prologue of the first season, even though it was released late into Season 1. It involves how Ink and Error made the truce that serves as a major plot point in Underverse.


Error confronts Ink in the Doodle Sphere, and they begin talking. At first, they're just boasting about how they'll defeat the other, until Error comments on how half of the Doodle Sphere is empty. Ink replies that it's because many creators tried to create a story that could satisfy everyone, including both Ink and Error. Error then throws out the idea of a truce to see how Ink would handle it if he accepted, and he did accept the truce. However, neither were ever intending on keeping the truce, and both wanted to see how greatly they could break it. This leads to Ink coming across XTALE.

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