~ Flowey taunting Sans

Owners is the prologue of Underverse Season 2. It shows how Classic!Sans became the owner of his timeline, and a conversation between XGaster and Classic!Gaster. The video is mainly used show the contrast between the owners of Undertale and XTale, namely Sans and XGaster respectively. It has no set place in the timeline, with the first half taking place sometime during XTale and the second half taking place during Underverse 0.1.


It starts with a flashback to the end of a Genocide route in the main universe, in which Frisk is about to get the final blow on Sans. But in a one in 9 million chance, as narrated by Flowey, Sans retaliates and kills Frisk at a place he couldn't have. The timeline glitches and resets, with Sans being the only one to remember the previous timeline. He feels guilty and tells Frisk of the events of that failed Genocide timeline. Continuing their conversation, Flowey titles Sans the "owner" of their reality, and claims he could have lied to everyone and manipulated the events of the timeline. Sans argues that it wasn't the right thing, but Flowey explains that he felt overly responsible and didn't want to be alone in this. Chara states they've made a promise with Sans, and Flowey counters saying everyone breaks their promises. There are flashes from Underverse 0.4 while Flowey continues to taunt Sans and Frisk claiming they'll give up. Flowey tries to scare them with one of his faces, yelling that he can't save himself, while multiple characters flash by in the background. Frisk and Sans immediately kill Flowey, and walk away without a word.

XGaster apologizes to the original W. D. Gaster about The X-Event stealing half of Sans' soul, and claims he will fix it himself. He says there is a bright future looming for everyone, while Classic!Gaster tells him to face reality and that he can't change the inevitable, signing the word "failure" to him. XGaster leaves, furious, saying that he went farther than Classic!Gaster ever did.


Name Composer Release Date Link
Owners NyxTheShield May 28, 2020

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