Underfresh is a character made by Crayon Queen. Fresh is the friend of ink, his eyes were originally made as a parasite. The ''YO-LO'' Glasses is what he uses to cover his eyes. Although error is friends with Underfell!Sans, Error!Sans doesn't get annoyed, but annoyed in situations. Error is afraid of Fresh

His Cameo in Underverse

Fresh Sans isn't seen much in Underverse, but has a minor cameo in Underverse 0.3. If you look carefully at the to left by Classic!Sans, by when Underfell!Sans says that Dream!Sans' plan is "bullshoes." You can see Fresh Sans spying Dream!Sans, Fell!Sans, and Classic!Sans. As Underfell!Sans continues to keep saying curse words (although continued to get censored). Fresh's glasses say "Whoah" and then changes to "Uncool." When Classic Sans shoves a cat into Underfell!Sans' face, Fresh's Glasses change to "Lawl."

He is also seen in Underverse animated, when Error goes to the Doodle Sphere, Fresh comes and tells him that it is under his protection while Ink is gone.



In his Cameo, he appears to look like the same as he appears in CrayonQueen's game "Lucida." The parasite known as "Fresh" is seen possessing mostly one skeleton, which is medium tall and has thick bones. Some details are the same no matter what they are possessing, such as Fresh's attire, the thick black eyebrows, and gold tooth. Fresh's attire consists of a pair of thick black sunglasses that say in aqua and yellow "YOLO" across them, a red cap with an aqua propeller and yellow bill, a pair of aqua fingerless gloves, a light pink shirt with a v-neck and notched collar, a purple jacket with a white and aqua stripe across the top, the white stripe is smaller and has an aqua squiggle through it, and an orange collar with purple lining, a pair of long light green shorts with a thin white stripe down the side and a removable bottom that is light blue separated by yellow zippers, a red fanny pack a with green stripe across the top and "SWAG" in white lettering bellow, a pair of light pink socks and a pair of white, light up shoes with aqua circles on the inner side near the back and purple and yellow soles, orange tongues, and red Velcro laces.

In his original appearance, His outward clothing usually consists of some broseph brightly colored shirt, sometimes a multicolored hoodie and orange basketball shorts. He always wears heelies and some kind of hat and is usually seen with a skateboard.

Fresh was redesigned for the upcoming original webcomic Lucidia. Lucidia!Fresh is almost always seen in a bright cyan and purple windbreaker, a pink shirt, a pair of green and blue zip-off pants, a propeller hat, and his heelies. He also wears a bright red SWAG bro fanny pack.

The only staple that continued was his pair of bright yellow and cyan YOLO glasses. (the words on his glasses change depending on his mood) The glasses are mainly to hide the eye sockets of his host, which display the soul of the host in the socket. The soul will always appear cracked due to his parasitic nature of feeding off the life energy of his host, which is a dead give-away to his true self. He hides this part of him most of the time out of self-preservation.

This is just what his bodies are wearing, however. Fresh is a parasite that is controlling a Sans. True!Fresh is a small, purple, tentacle-like creature consisting of a large red 'eye' with a yellow ring around the 'eye'. The eye is surrounded by teeth. The main parasite is almost star-shaped because it has four tentacles.

His Cameo in Underverse 0.3 (Not fake)

Watch video for proof (Ignore that the videos is an reaction)

Underfresh!Sans Watching Underfell!Sans, Classic!Sans, and Dream! Sans (Dream!Sans is off-screen)

"Whoah..." - Underfresh!Sans

"So uncool." -Underfresh!Sans

"Lol" - Underfresh!Sans

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