Epic!Sans (or simply Epic) will be a major character in Underverse Season 2, whom is a major protagonist in EpicTale. He is set to appear somewhere in Season 2, more particularly the "beach episode".



Epic!Sans' main uniform is that of a purple trench coat with a symbol of half a heart on the back. Epic!Sans usually keeps his hoodie on at all times. He dons on black gloves, has a white ribbon, and wears black striped pants. There's also a visible scar on his left eye, of which is normally empty unless in times of stress.


Epic!Sans is notorious for being humorous in spite of how serious the stories that he's involved in can be, whether it be fighting a corrupted child, or his own father. A very popular catchphrase that Epic!Sans prefers to use is "bruh", something that Cross likes to supplement with "dude". Despite this, he's very active, yet chill about doing his job as a royal scientist, and is willing to put himself under the risks to take out his enemies.




  • Epic!Sans is often depicted as being the janitor for Underverse Studios, until XI replaced him

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