I'm sorry THEY involved you in this. It's THEIR fault, not yours
~ Core!Frisk talking to Sans

Core!Frisk is a supporting character in Underverse, and a minor one in The Truce. They're an Multiversal Omnipresent being capable of Manifesting at any place and time as long as it's a variant of Undertale. Due to their belief that all life are sacred, they opposed The X-Event, as they give Sans some helpful advice to defeat Cross and free the souls corrupted by the X-Event.



(this is the Origin story canon to the original source material of CORE!Frisk, and may or may not have impact on Underverse)

CORE!Frisk came from an AU where they fled from a warring nation for a better life. Due to their views on the value of life, they manage to go through the pacifist route to the very end. However, they started to abuse their newfound Save/Load/Reset powers to relive the adventures without acknowledging that the Sans of that AU was aware of the timelines and resets. One day, Sans caught them in the act, and to ensure that no Reset would ever occur, threw them into the reactor of the CORE itself. Their determined soul, along with a well placed reset, has scattered them across the multiverse just as their soul pieces made contact with the magical energy of the CORE. This however, has reset the AU in which they never existed in the first place.

During their observations and interactions across the space and time, they stumbled upon an empty dimensional Void with only a door that connect to everywhere in the multiverse. They claim ownership of both the Void and the Door, and thus used it as a sanctuary for those whose AUs and Timelines has been Erased by Genocide and other causes; christening it "The Omega Timeline".

The Truce

As Error!Sans starts attacking Ink!Sans, Core!Frisk watches from afar, and after the two are teleported to that island, they wonder where they went, and questioned if they have ceased to exist at all.

Before Underverse

One day, Cross comes up to Ink, and tells him that Core!Frisk tried to get him someplace safer for people within a genocide run. He refused, stating that his world still existed.


Xtra Scene 1

After fleeing the scene in Underfell's Snowdin, Sans gets a helpful advice from Core!Frisk, telling them to distract Cross while he can, which will allow him to free the corrupted souls. They apologized to him regarding his involvement, and leaves once Underfell!Sans arrives.

Underverse 0.4

Core!Frisk is first seen in the ruins of the shattered Underswap timeline. They ask Underswap!Papyrus why he didn't go with the others, as well as explaining that they can't take him to the Omega Timeline. Underswap!Papyrus responds by saying that he can't live in the world anymore, and that he didn't want to see his brother die in front of his eyes. He eventually glitches so much that he leaves existence entirely along with Underswap!Chara. Noticing this, Core!Frisk begins to cry, noting that the two did everything to save their timeline before being approached by X-Tale!Alphys, who says nothing to them but instead mentions details about the current Underswap timeline, noting that there wasn't anything left.

Core!Frisk watches as X-Tale!Alphys places a piece of paper on the ground, which then begins to send out waves of energy around it until the entire landscape was completely white. Core!Frisk notes that what X-Tale!Alphys executed was a quarantine, which, according to them, will prevent the Alternate Universe and any of its timelines from being corrupted. Core!Frisk then follows X-Tale!Alphys to her next destination, which is the Underfell timeline that Cross took Snowdin from.

Core!Frisk watches as X-Tale!Alphys and X-Tale!Mettaton fight Underfell!Asgore. They look away before suddenly being in X-Tale along with Dream!Sans. After a small conversation between the two, Core!Frisk reassures him that everything Cross did to the timelines will end very soon.

They are also shown watching for a as Ink brings XGaster back, despite being elsewhere. This is because of their omnipresence in the multiverse, however.

Core!Frisk also appears at the very end of the episode during the credits sequence, waiting for Cross in the Omega Timeline.


Core!Frisk differs form their classic counterpart in which they're completely monochromatic, complete with empty void sockets for eyes.


Due to their soul scattered across space and time, they're technically omnipresent in the multiversal scale. This means that not only that they can observe all events throughout the multiverse, but also can manifest anywhere at any time. However, due to the nature of the Multiverse and the condition of their soul, they're unable to rewrite the timelines of the AUs through a Save/Load/Reset like they did in their native one.

Their Void Eyes can transport any fit-able objects to themselves at another place and time. They also the only person with direct access to the Omega Timeline, as it's a perfect refuge for Genocide survivors.


Frisk appears to be rather expressionless and distant, at time even condescending towards the conflicts and people actively involved in them, calling Error and Ink "immature" as the two fight in the distance. They however seem to care for the characters' well-being, inviting Cross to the Omega Timeline and giving Sans some helpful advice.

They have a high value toward life itself, and opposed any justification of killing, even if those claimed it to be for "the greater good",


  • Despite their all-seeing power, Frisk is visibly confused when Error and Ink are relocated in The Truce. Even assuming they're for some reason unable to observe the destination, it doesn't explain why they cannot observe the future of their return.
  • Despite their benevolent nature, Frisk gives Sans an advice on how to defeat Cross rather than tell him how to save everyone.


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