...We made a promise, right?
~ Frisk to Sans

Frisk is a major character in Underverse and the main protagonist of Season 2. They belong to a "fake pacifist timeline" of the main universe, following a glitched Genocide timeline that left Classic!Sans the owner of their timeline. They originally allowed Sans to go after his attacker in Season 1, but with a new threat on the horizon, they must go fix it themselves.


Before Underverse


At the very end of a Genocide route, Frisk is about to strike the final blow on Sans, however Sans retaliates and kills Frisk in a place he shouldn't be able to. As such, the timeline broke and completely restarted, leaving Frisk without memories of the timeline. Frisk completes a Pacifist route in the next timeline, leaving monsters free on the surface. Sans felt guilty about the previous timeline, and told Frisk about everything. They make a promise, and soon confront Flowey, the only other one who remembered. Flowey insisted they would break their promise, and continues to taunt them. Frisk and Sans kill Flowey to get him out of the way.

XTALE X (comic)

Some time after Owners, Frisk is studying in their room, and hears something behind them, only to find nothing there. Another time, XFrisk watches over Frisk having a party for their "Ambassador Anniversary" with all of their friends, and one time after school, they ride home with Sans and Papyrus and suggest having a picnic.



Frisk and all of their friends are finally having their picnic, and they decide to play a game of volleyball. Undyne ends up hitting the volleyball straight through the net, and hits Sans right in the face. Sans leaves to go take a break, and Frisk follows him. They hear him call out the name Ink, and Frisk questions who that is. They ask Sans directly what's wrong, and when Sans is uncooperative, they initiate a FIGHT and check him. They find out that Sans only has half of his HP, and they say that they might have to reset. Ink shows up behind them, and Sans decides to tell Frisk about what happened. Frisk allows him to leave, but not before they give him their heart locket and a bottle of deluxe ketchup, and agree to cover for him while he's gone.


Frisk continues with their picnic while Sans is gone, until Sans is teleported right in front of them. Frisk notices that his jacket is covered in tears, and stands up to investigate.


They typically wear a blue shirt with magenta stripes, along with blue shorts. They wear brown shoes with light gray socks that go slightly above the shoes. They have pale-ish skin, along with brown hair. During the picnic, they wear dark blue overalls rather than the regular blue shorts.


They have the ability to RESET, along with the ability to SAVE and LOAD. They also have the ability to summon determination knives, similarly to XChara, as shown in Owners when they attack Flowey.


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