• Akane comics draws

    X tale es un universo alternatibo de el fandom grasias a tobi fox el creador de undertale




    Es el umano o humana caido de las ruinas pero dentro de el o ella estaba su hermano chara que en esta ocasion se llama....cross chara....

    el tiene la abilidad de sobrescribir osea en ingles ...overwach.

    CROSS chara...

    cross chara es un humano es un fantasma dentro de cross sans el tiene tambien la abilidad se sobrescribir tambien tiene la abilidad de tener un cuchillo gigante igual que cross sans

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  • Lukeskywalker7214

    Hey would anyone like scripts for the animations. I have scripts for episodes 0-2, and I'm working on the rest. If you want them, then let me know!

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  • Spyia809


    May 31, 2019 by Spyia809


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  • SansUT1


    May 31, 2019 by SansUT1

    Wiki owner here.

    I've been too busy from within my own life that I haven't gotten the chance to actually contribute much to the wiki.

    So I'm deciding whether or not to shift ownership to someone else or something.

    Idk, I'd also want some new admins.

    That's all. Take care. Adios.

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  • X Event Frisk

    First Blog

    April 2, 2018 by X Event Frisk

    Well its currently 12:04 at night yay. I don't know why I'm up this late. Chara is at my feet snoring lol, and yes we still sleep in the same bed! We are really close, only other person that knows me as good as him is Cross. I'm currently in a random AU though so yea I went downstairs and found a hotel employee's laptop. We're planning on stealing hot lands code from this universe. Its just Cross, Chara, and I now. I miss everyone else. If anyone made it out of our old universe other than us it would be a miracle. But yea I'm open for asks just comment them and I will choose one or two for each blog. Well I fell asleep forgetting to post this so it will just be todays too.

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