The ask posts from the official X-Tale/Underverse tumblr (often called Ask Cross) have some mini-comics associated with them, as well as plenty of questions regarding the universe in general. The ask box for the tumblr page has been closed, as Jakei began to answer questions more on her main tumblr than on the X-Tale tumblr.

Ask posts comics

Questioner Question Release Date Pages in total Link
ferrellcourtney231 So are you like evil or something (sorry I'm new here) -_- May 19, 2016 5
Anonymous Hey Cross/Sans, do you like games? Do you like some horror? Jumpscares? Then I have the best series of 2012-14 for you. *You give them a laptop and a copy of FNAF 1 on Steam May 23, 2016 4
soulguardianazeralith Hey, um... What's the white and black thing behind Cross? Like behind his fluffy hood? Is it hair or something? May 24, 2016 3
Anonymous Did you own the gold locket or somebody gave it to you?😃 May 26, 2016 3
rain-of-love-star Hello!! Say hello! do not be scared haha xD I do not bite..You like hugs? I can give you one? Or a kiss? -//u//- June 1, 2016 6
artistdove How would Cross feel about me making a statue of him? Um if you have time to answer. June 5, 2016 1


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