...There are a lot of worlds that we can "visit"...but I'm really interested in just a few of them...
~ The first few lines from the "trailer", indirectly quoting what Cross!Chara proclaimed to Cross[1]

The ANDARVARSA "trailer" is a form of mockery released on April Fools 2017 from Jael Peñaloza for those asking for Storyshift, Glitchtale, and other AUs for Underverse. The trailer starts with X-Event!Chara in the Storyshift universe, where he has taken control of Storyshift!Chara. In another scene, a "battle" pursuits with X-Event!Chara and Glitchtale Season 2's main antagonist Bete Noire. It continues to mock trailers with the "Insert title" and "Fade to white" slides, and shows off some "special characters", including the main villain "SNOS", before a picture of XGaster is shown behind a heart-shaped tree, with the words "Sans Happy April Fools" tagged on to it.

It's worth noting that this video was meant to tell the viewers that the AUs have already been chosen, and too much would be unnecessary for a way to please the Undertale fandom[2].


  • A battle between X-Event!Chara and Bete Noire was actually about to be made[3], but the shear amount of criticism and questions had pulled it out of question.


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